iPad Gets iPhone X Gestures

Stephen Silver from AppleInsider:

Many of the iOS gestures that debuted last year with the iPhone X will come to a wider variety of devices later this year when iOS 12 is released, including the iPad, AppleInsider has confirmed after downloading the beta to a first-generation iPad Pro. New gestures that debuted in the iPhone X, released late last year, included swiping up from the gesture bar to get to the lock screen, and swiping up again to reach the home screen. In order to get to the switcher, users can also swipe up from the gesture bar and pause. In addition, swiping down from anywhere on screen will open the app that's in the center.

I have mixed feelings on this, but I think it makes sense given this:

The iPad adopting iPhone X-like gestures may indicate that the the next generation of iPads could be subtracting the home button as well.

On top of the gestures, there have been leaked images showing that the iOS 12 beta for the iPad does indeed have a Face ID menu in the settings


So look out everyone, new iPads that are more like the iPhone X are coming.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry