How Siri Shortcuts Can Revolutionize iOS Automation

David Sparks really sums up my excitement for Siri Shortcuts in ways better than I ever could, but this bit takes the cake on how I feel about automation and iOS.

David Sparks from MacSparky:

I've always felt that the iPhone and iPad could be capable of so much more with deeper automation. For so long Apple showed no interest in automation, and I'd convinced myself that they were afraid to get that geeky all over their new mobile operating system. I'm not alone in this. However, with the Workflow acquisition, it feels like we have now embedded, inside Apple, a group of our brother and sister automation nerds and they are running wild all over the iOS operating system. I couldn't be happier. I hope that when iOS 12 ships, Siri Shortcuts delivers the goods we've seen so far. I also hope Apple management never wises up to the automation revolution that may result.

Siri Shortcuts seems to really be Workflow 2.0. It doesn’t seem to have been dumbed down in any way, and for that I am beyond thankful someone at Apple stuck to their guns and allowed the iPhone and iPad continue to have the power it gained with Workflow and beyond.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry