Bear Notes and Things 3 Collaboration - Workflow Wednesday

Bear Tools Built by the Community:

If you use the excellent Things 3 to organize your tasks, and Bear to organize notes, a clever workflow can turn them into the proverbial peanut butter and chocolate. (they go really well together) Created by Craig Eley, this workflow will:
  • Create a new Bear note
  • Ask you for a note title
  • Create a new task in Things using that title
  • Add a link to the related Bear note
It’s a powerful, quick way to use both apps to tackle your projects, thoughts, and just about anything else.

This seemed a bit redundant when I looked at this the first time. Then I got to thinking about all my tasks that have a long list of sub tasks, like my grocery list. So with that I decided to give this workflow a whirl because I have been wanting to make Bear a more useful app for me.

This workflow is incredibly simple, but it works for me to get a task in Things as quickly as possible and then use that x-callback-URL to then get into Bear to expand on my new note/list.

How it Works

After running the workflow and making a title for the note, it creates a Bear note with the given input I wrote down in Workflow. Afterwards I am presented with the new task in Things 3 and I can open the note directly thanks to the automated link created in the task’s note. From there I am ready to start listing all of my needed groceries.

So now, instead of a list of every single thing I need at the grocery store clogging up my task manager, I now only have a link of the Bear note where I can switch modes in my brain and start to focus on the task at hand, rather than the tasks I need to handle.

I plan to play around with this a bit more and see if there is anything I can do to make this workflow even more powerful for things like blog posts and podcast show notes.

If you want to see some other amazing automation tools you can use to make Bear an even more powerful notes app you can do so on Bear’s blog.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry