Reclaiming RSS – Aral Balkan

Reclaiming RSS – Aral Balkan:

Time was, you couldn’t browse the web without seeing RSS icons of all persuasions gracing the façades of Web 1.0’s finest. This was before they were mercilessly devoured by the tracking devices … ahem … “social sharing buttons” of people farmers like Google and Facebook. There was also once a push for browsers to auto-detect and expose RSS feeds. Currently, none of the major browsers appears to do so. It’s time to push back against this and demand first-class support for RSS as part of the move to re-decentralise the Web. But you don’t have to wait for browser vendors (some of which – like Google – are surveillance capitalists themselves, and others, like Mozilla, get all their money from surveillance capitalists). You can start making RSS more visible again today by finding the URL for your own RSS feed and exposing it visibly on your site.

I love how so many people are pushing to have RSS available and accessible for their favorite sites. It is something I have been saying to myself for years. While I wouldn’t call this a resurgence, I certainly am happy to see a small percentage of people on the web show they care about things like this.

Which is why I wanted to remind everyone that they can subscribe to my RSS feed and get access to all of my content in their favorite RSS readers. Just head over to my FeedPress and you will find the links there.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry