1Password for Journalism

Swapna Krishna writing for 1Password:

It’s not an easy time to be a journalist, which is why we want to recognize World Press Freedom Day. On this crucial day, we celebrate the freedom of the press, defend and support the independence of journalists, and honor those who have lost their lives while reporting a story. Journalists are increasingly under attack, thanks to the proliferation of fake news and direct attacks from celebrities and those in power. What’s more, dwindling salaries and budgets for newspapers, websites, and magazines translate to fewer resources to tell important and necessary stories. Journalists are being laid off in huge numbers at a time that a free and independent media is more crucial than ever. We know just how vital journalists are to the fabric of our society and how stretched their resources can be. Journalists often put their reputations and their lives on the line to report stories. This means that they are often targets for doxxing, harassment, hacking, and other security nightmares.


This is why we offer 1Password for Journalism, which is a 1Password membership for reporters that is completely free. Journalists can sign up by entering their name and work email on our 1Password for Journalism page; we’ll be in touch to confirm any necessary details to get your press status added. And if you’re a freelance journalist without an organizational email? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just enter the email address you use for work and we’ll follow up to qualify.

I love the fact 1Password is doing this. Journalism has always been interesting for me and something I consider to be an honorable profession. I’m glad a company like this is making it easy for journalists to make their work safe from any nefarious parties.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry