August 7, 2019 Bye-Bye iPad

Bye-Bye iPad

Update: A couple of people have asked if me not having an iPad means the end of A Slab of Glass, it is not. Christopher and I both have talked about the podcast being more than just about the iPad, and we have been making strides to do that over the past few months. So no, A Slab of Glass isn’t going anywhere.

After about 2 months of it collecting dust, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my iPad Pro and consequently the iPad Lifestyle. There are a couple of reasons for this, but I will stick with the one that is worth talking about: I simply don’t use an iPad anymore for my work.

No, this isn’t a you can’t get real work done on an iPad” article. I have gotten real work done on an iPad for years and loved it, but due to some changes in my life the iPad isn’t the best tool for the job anymore. Here’s why.

The big one for me is editing and processing audio. I use iZotope RX 7 for cleaning up both of my own podcasts and the podcasts I edit in my freelance work. There isn’t a great alternative on iOS that compares to iZotope RX 7, which leaves me to crack open my laptop whenever I need to edit podcasts. Because of this I have moved all of my podcast editing to my MacBook Pro. A lot of my time is spent editing podcasts nowadays it makes little sense to me to move from a MacBook to an iPad for the minority of the work I have left.

If I am being totally honest, it isn’t just the editing that makes me want to use my Mac over the iPad. I’m not sure if it is me not always happy with certain limitations on iOS or if I am just used to the Mac, but something about the Mac allows me to work with less friction. I am almost positive this is a mental thing with me and not the limitation of the iPad that is causing this, the MacBook just seems much more appealing to me when I want to get to work on something involving a computer. Whether it’s writing, editing podcasts, editing photos, managing email, or simply browsing online, the Mac just fits to me more than the iPad.

I loved my iPad and it wasn’t easy for me to come to terms that I simply am not using it, but I needed the extra cash and I would rather sell it than have it collect dust on my desk.

It will be a significant transition to only have an iPhone and MacBook Pro but I think it was still the right choice for me in my life today. Maybe one day I will decide that is no longer the case and move back to the iPad more, but for now it is just me and my MacBook Pro, and I am happy with that.

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