Pocket Casts Now Available for Free

Morgan Wynn writing for Pocket Casts:

Starting today, podcast fans all over the world can download Pocket Casts for free. Known for its beautiful design and robust set of controls, Pocket Casts is making the entirety of its existing features available at no charge. Power users looking for even more customization can upgrade to Pocket Casts Plus for $0.99 per month ($10/year). With these changes, we are now more closely aligned with the open-access model of our public media ownership.


Pocket Casts Plus, for those power listeners looking for even more control, offers:

  • Desktop apps including macOS, Windows and Web apps
  • Cloud storage for creators and listeners who want to use Pocket Casts for all of their audio and video files
  • Exclusive app icons and themes

Listeners who currently use the iOS or Android mobile app will not experience any changes. All existing features, plus the new functionality, is available in the latest update. Those who previously purchased Pocket Casts’ desktop app will receive three free years of Pocket Casts Plus.

Three years seems extraordinarily generous to me, but I’m not complaining. Honestly I am very happy to see Pocket Casts make the transition to a subscription model. The pricing is perfect as well, $1 a month or $10 a year; well worth the price if you prefer Pocket Casts to the other options out there.

Hell, I don’t even use their apps but I am going to throw them a few bucks anyway.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry