November 19, 2019 Blogging workflow

Blogging workflow

Manton Reece:

You might think because I created that I have a perfectly simple blogging workflow that will work for everyone, all the time. Nope. I use a variety of different apps depending on what I’m trying to do:

  • If I’m posting a quick microblog post and know what I want to say, I type it into the app for Mac.
  • If I’m posting a single photo, I use on my iPhone.
  • If I’m posting a bunch of photos like this post from Toronto, I use Sunlit to write a little something for each day.
  • If I’m writing a longer post and have it all in my head, so I know I will post it very soon, I type it directly into MarsEdit and publish it to from there.
  • If I’m writing a post and I’m not totally sure where it’s going, or when I’m going to post it, I type it into Ulysses. This is the majority of my posts. Then I copy it out as Markdown and paste it into

And this only scratches the surface. There’s Wavelength for podcasts, and some people prefer apps like Icro, Gluon, Dialog, Quill, or automation via Shortcuts. This is why we link third-party apps from the posting screen in One of the things I’m most proud of with is that the API supports standards so you can use a variety of different apps for posting. There are so many different types of blogs out there, there shouldn’t just be one way to post. is always a platform I love because of the openness to third party apps. Also, it’s refreshing to know that Manton, the creator of, also hops between several blogging apps. I don’t feel as bad for writing and posting things from a plethora of apps.

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