“Giving her content is my love language”: Meet the couples who TikTok together

Tyler Hicks writing for The Outline:

Scott, 30, and Moriah, 27, met on TikTok in 2018.

Moriah and Scott started talking via the comment section on Scott’s live streams. They bonded over their shared interests in comedy and acting, and started referring to one another as “my spirit animal.” Eventually, they shared phone numbers.

“Things got pretty serious pretty quickly,” Moriah told me. Scott’s plan was to buy an RV and traverse the country making TikTok videos, and Moriah wanted to join him. Despite her parents’ skepticism — to be clear, she was moving to Idaho to be with a dude she met on the internet and travel the country in an RV — Moriah packed a few belongings and moved to Boise. In their videos from the road, Moriah portrays a rational straight man and Scott plays her aloof, over-confident husband. Moriah’s parents remain skeptical, but the couple’s content has started to pay off.

Under their new handle, @scottoriah, the couple has chronicled their relationship through comedy sketches that the duo has dubbed “relationship comedies.” They now have more than a million followers, and make money through live streams and branded videos with companies like the stuffed animal creator Cutetitos. Moriah is currently expecting twins, and the couple wed in early 2020 (the ceremony was not recorded for TikTok). However, they have no plans to move out of the RV, or to change their prolific production of videos, which they post to TikTok an average of three to four times per day.

The TikTok algorithm favors frequent posters, so creators seeking virality often feel the pressure to produce content at all costs.

“Moriah was pretty sick during her first trimester, so we had to repost a bunch of old content every day,” Scott said. “It’s hard to make videos when you have to go to the hospital seven times in one month, but we didn’t want to get behind with the algorithm.”

Personally, I think a “social media influencer” is probably the grossest job you could have. That said, I find myself empathizing with these people fighting between making a living and living a normal life.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry