Alphabet and Numbers Icon Pack

After having the idea of making custom Siri Shortcut icons less than 24 hours ago I am very excited to share with you my Alphabet and Numbers Icon Pack.

What it is

This icon pack is exactly how it sounds, custom icons that go from A-Z and 0-9 in various colors with both white and black backgrounds. There are 10 color options for the white background and 10 color options for the black background. In total there are 720 icons to choose from.

This wasn’t exactly what I planned when I shared my idea on Twitter. Originally I wanted to make custom icons manually in a number of different fonts, but once Toolbox Pro showed me just how easy it is to make them in Shortcuts with the help of their app I decided to table my original idea and make these icons instead.

The Shortcut I used to create these icons was actually pretty interesting. I put in every letter and number in a text field, split that text by character, and on a repeat with each action I created icons with Toolbox Pro and chose what colors to use for both the background and the icon color.

All of these icons have circles but that isn’t the only shape it supports. If you want a rounded rectangle you can choose that in the advanced settings by changing “.circle.fill” to “.square.fill” in the Toolbox Pro action “Make Icon.”

I also used slightly different color variants for the white and black backgrounds to make them more complimentary, but the shortcut I used doesn’t just offer the colors I picked. There are over 160 built-in colors to choose from making it a total of over 25,000 unique color combinations! Toolbox Pro didn’t stop there though, you can even use your own hex code in the advanced settings of the Create Icon action.

How to use these icons

All you need to do is download this zip file to your device and save it where you want in the Files app, unzip it with iOS’ uncompress option, and select from file when adding a shortcut to the home screen.

What’s next?

I plan to make even more icons in the future, some being with Toolbox Pro and some being ones I make on my own, but for now I wanted to share what I have and how you can make your own with Toolbox Pro.

If you have any requests outside of Toolbox Pro drop me a line and let me know.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry