February 21, 2020 TikTok influencers are telling people to stop using the app

TikTok influencers are telling people to stop using the app

From Input:

I understand it’s easy to keep watching videos,” the smiley guy said. And trust me, I’ve been there before. But those videos will still be there tomorrow. Go get some extra sleep, turn your phone off, do yourself that favor, and have a great night.”

The guy was TikToker Gabe Erwin, who has two million followers on the platform, but the video wasn’t posted from his personal account. It came from @TikTokTips, which is run by the company itself. Three other high-profile creators, Alan Chikin Chow (722,200 followers), James Henry (2.7 million followers), and Cosette Rinab (1.6 million followers) — have also made videos encouraging people to turn off the app. (“When’s the last time you’ve been outside?” asks Rinab.)

What a weird time to be alive.

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