Return to Form

Tim Nahumck:

My personal projects – my writing and my podcast – have been on hiatus for a while. I felt like my creative energy was zapped, that I didn’t have the desire to do these things anymore. I’m not sure if it was depression or a culmination of things, but I just didn’t feel creative anymore. I felt unmoored while trying to navigate my creative life. It’s in these times that I turn my focus to my journal, so I can start to figure out what it really is that’s driving me. Why am I writing? Why am I podcasting? Do people enjoy this? Does that matter? Who am I writing or speaking to when I share my thoughts? At the end of it all, I have to ask: What’s my why?


I started thinking of the why for my writing. And really, it comes down to what it started to be: I write for me, and me alone. What I have learned over my time of writing is that people seem to enjoy what I write for myself.


So, I’m going to be doing some things to return to form. I’m starting to write again, and it’s pouring out of me. I’m going back to the approach I took when I first started: write for myself, and then publish. Some of my stuff might be small, some of it larger. But it’s going to be on the subjects and topics that I want.

Tim manages to say things that have been on my mind for a long time better than I ever could. I have battled with myself for a long time about why I write, and I came to a similar conclusion as Tim. In fact, the main reason I moved my website from to was because I wanted my website to reflect me not “some brand.” In hindsight, I could have written for myself without needing to change the domain (again), but the sentiment of changing domains definitely solidified my decision to stop trying to write for “my audience” and start writing for myself.

It was a pleasure to work with Tim on his new logo and header image. It is a logo I am very proud of, and seeing it live on his website make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Jeff Perry @jeffperry