Drafts Action Fix Empty Markdown Links

Rosemary Orchard:

As is often the case, as I use Drafts I find things that I need to do and write a script to fix it for me! In this case, I have a habit of planning to add links later in my text, but find it a pain to go through the whole article to find them and the find function is too darn manual for me. There were already a few actions in the Actions Directory, but they didn’t quite work the way I wanted them to. If you haven’t guessed where this is going yet: I wrote my own!

As someone starting to use Drafts for all of my writing and blog posts, this drafts action is an absolute dream. When I am in “writing mode” the last thing I want to do is bounce from Drafts to find links on the web. Now, I can simply insert a blank link (thanks to this action that Tim Nahumck sent me a while back) and figure it out later once I have a final draft for my blog post.

Download it yourself on the Drafts Actions Directory today and go thank Rose for making your blogging experience 1000% better.

Jeff Perry @jeffperry