An Update from Tablet Habit

Effective immediately, Tablet Habit will be free for all subscribers through October 18th, 2020.

When I launched this newsletter, I wanted to offer both a free and paid plan for the newsletter. However, I didn’t want to charge anyone until _after_ October 18th. Sadly, the way Substack works with paid subscriptions caused some to be charged when signing up for a paid account. It has also recently disabled the ability for anyone to sign up or upgrade to a paid account. In a nutshell, I am making Tablet Habit free for all for now.

This fiasco is because I had billing paused from the beginning of the launch of this newsletter. Unfortunately, that pause did not prevent people from being charged when they first sign up. From what I understand, Substack’s policy is to charge someone who signs up for a paid subscription even if billing is paused. After some time of the billing being paused, the ability for anyone to sign up for a paid account or upgrade from a free account to a paid account was removed. The reason for or this is because I had billing paused, which in turn caused paid subscriptions to be unavailable. 

Originally, I wanted to leave Substack because I was furious with this issue and a lack of response from their support staff. However, after speaking with their support team and having one of the co-founders reach out to me and explain the situation, I have decided to continue with Substack.

After contemplating whether I turn on billing to allow for those wanting to pay for the newsletter to be able to do so, I decided instead to make the newsletter free for all until I unpause billing October 19th. 

What this means for current paid subscribers

If you are a paid subscriber, you don’t need to do anything. You will not be charged again until after October 18th because I will continue to have billing paused. If you paid for a year of Tablet Habit, your one-year subscription shouldn’t start until October 18th. If that isn’t the case, let me know, and I will work with you to find a solution. 

What this means for free subscribers

Through October 18th, you will get all the perks and additional emails in your inbox free of charge. Once October 18th comes, you will be back on the free tier unless you upgrade your account. I will be sure to remind you as things get closer to that date, but until then, enjoy the full Tablet Habit experience on me. 

What this means for people not subscribed

If you sign up for free today, you will get Tablet Habit in its entirety for free through October 18th. After that, you can continue to be a free member, only getting one email a week, or you can sign up to be a paid member. You can learn more about being a paid member here.

I apologize for the confusion with this newsletter, but this is all new for me, and I hope that you understand this is just me figuring this out and making decisions about this newsletter. I am also the one giving technical support both on Twitter and email. 

Subscribe Today

If you haven’t, consider subscribing to Tablet Habit today. You can do so here.

I appreciate every one of you who have signed up for this newsletter, and I hope you continue to support me as I work out the kinks with this. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry @jeffperry