Jeff Perry

A Change of Plans

After some more time thinking about the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, I began looking at the cost of the phone. As I said before, I have an iPhone Forever plan with Sprint. That being said, there are still a lot of up front costs with the phone, and by my estimation it will cost me about $220-$260 up front after everything is said and done. From the cost of paying off the taxes on the phone, additional fees and “services” Sprint makes me pay for, and added accessories like a case, MagSafe charger, and more. Now, $260 is a steal when the sticker price on the phone is $1099 to start, but I still have to pay monthly for the phone at a 30-month fixed rate.

For me, that money I would be spending upgrading from my iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone 12 Pro Max isn't justifiable as I am in the midst of buying my first home. The last thing I want to do is to make a financial decision that I will regret later all because I wanted to be a part of the hype train.

The iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 for that matter, look incredible. The flat-edged design is something I have wanted for years, and I can’t wait to hear more about it as people get their hands around it. I will just have to observe on the side instead of talking about it myself.

I think one thing that’s unhealthy is how fiendish we can get over the newest shiny toy Apple, or other tech companies, makes. Granted, it is Apple’s job to show you something you didn’t know you wanted in hopes that you buy it. But that doesn’t mean it is worth making risky financial decisions over it. If you budget for a new phone every year and that is your hobby I have nothing bad to say to you. Some people spend tons of money on golf clubs each year, others buy hunting gear, but people like me and you spend our money on tech. As for me, I have been saving for years with my wife to have a down payment on a home, and I cannot wait to finally close on this house. I traded in my new iPhone money to go towards a house, and I don't regret that decision in the slightest, it just means as a consequence I am “stuck” with the iPhone 11 Pro (horrible, I know!).

For me, the main reason I wanted the new 12 Pro was because of the camera, it seems to be taking strides miles ahead of the competition and as someone that has been making photography and filming a hobby I naturally want to get my hands on the latest and greatest.

Even if the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is better than anyone anticipated, that doesn't mean my iPhone 11 Pro camera has suddenly stopped being incredible. I am anticipating hearing how cool the new 12 Pro Max camera is, but I already have a fantastic camera in my pocket. I am still very pleased with the iPhone 11 Pro camera, and I think that it is still a camera that is a contender for top professional camera phones on the market.

Matt Birchler seemingly validated my feelings in a recent post of his showcasing his photos from the iPhone 11 Pro. I thought I would do the same here to finish out this personal post.