My Writing Workflow and the Return of Tablet Habit

I have been thinking a lot about writing and blogging lately. I genuinely miss it, and I have been slowly making the habit of writing more and more constant in my life. In fact, I am writing this at 5 in the morning, 4 hours before I normally leave for work. Why? Because I have made the conscious effort to get up early solely to write.

Along with writing habitually I have been thinking about what I want to write about. I shared my feelings about writing about the tech industry and how it was a battle for me, but after more thought I do truly miss being a part of that conversation. Not solely because I can be part of the virtual water cooler but because I still deeply care about the tech we use and how that can affect us in various ways. Which is why I am happy to announce that Tablet Habit is coming back. I will share more about this in a bit but I also want to write about workflows and where you can find posts of mine going forward.

After a post from Numeric Citizen where he detailed his writing workflow, I decided that it was time for me to do the same.

This is not nearly as pretty or elaborate as Numeric Citizen’s but for now it will do. Also, this is what allowed me to decide to bring back Tablet Habit while continuing to write on my personal blog. I am sure someone over the years told me to do this exact kind of workflow, in fact I am sure of it, but I never truly feel good about an idea until I flesh it out for myself visually.

To quickly go into detail how this works, everything starts with news I receive from various outlets. Reddit, blogs, Twitter, and newsletters are the most common places for me to find something that interests me. Once I find something I want to save it goes to Craft. I am still working on the organization and chewing on my thoughts about this app, but as fo right now this is an app that has allowed me to understand the power and usefulness a wiki notes app can have. I have barely scratched the surface, but it has been a genuine dream to have an app that works the same way my brain does. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you read the review for Craft on MacStories.

From Craft I will usually export it out via Markdown to Ulysses and write things out there. As of this point where I post this is to be decided later. The main focus is to get ideas out of my messy and busy brain and onto the calm and simple page. Once I get that down it’s easier for me.

Finally, after I have written something I think is worthy of posting I decide where it should go. If it is something small or obviously personal it goes to my personal blog at This is basically a catch all for quick thoughts (which used to go on Twitter), non-tech stuff, and links that don’t necessarily fit the more specific topics Tablet Habit has. It allows me to separate the ephemeral thoughts I want to put out into the universe and the more thought out articles and pieces I want to write. In the event I have something long to write about that is more personal, like this for instance, it will go on my personal blog as well. I try to emulate other people who do this such as Shawn Blanc with The Sweet Setup and his personal blog.

For Tablet Habit, things along the lines of Apple, iPad, Silicon Valley, or other things tangentially related to those topics will be posted there. It can be link posts, articles, reviews, or something else. The difference between Tablet Habit and my personal blog is that Tablet Habit is beholden to certain topics and areas while my personal blog is a place for me to post shorter content and things unrelated to my niche. It is also two different platforms. My personal blog is on whereas Tablet Habit is on Ghost. is more of a short-form social platform and that is how I use my personal blog, where Ghost is more meant for longer articles which is perfect for Tablet Habit.

Another thing that I have learned about myself over the years of blogging is that if I pressure myself to post regularly to be “relevant” on Tablet Habit it tends to go south. So for that reason, I will no be holding myself to a schedule and instead use my various blogs and platforms for what I originally intended them to be, a way for me to express myself and the various things that interest me.

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