Moving Back to Substack

I know that I just made the decision to set up and create a Ghost website, but the cost of running the ghost website was nearing $50 a month. As someone that is working on being more frugal and saving money this is egregious.

I love that ability to edit the design of my website, but it seems that it isn’t getting the love I was hoping it would. After looking at the analytics of the people visiting the website compared to those who are reading the newsletter it seems more people read the newsletter than visit the site, which is basically just a landing page. For $50 a month I can’t justify the costs when there is a similar option for free.

Substack does the job I want in a newsletter, and with he ability to move to Substack it checks all the boxes I want except for designing the look.

The thing that I hate is the fact that I have moved platforms so much over the past year. I know it is frustrating to readers, because it is frustrating to me.

With that said, those who are currently subscribed will not see anything change except how the newsletter looks, and for those that sign up after the move they will never see anything different.

Jeff Perry @JeffPerry