This blog is entirely written and produced by me, Jeff Perry.

I created this blog as a way for me to write about the things that make me tick, including Apple, journalism, mental health, and all the the weird corners of the internet.


My Blog

This is the website you are on and the place I share things ranging from Apple, journalism, mental health, and other corners of the internet that are of interest to me and maybe to you too.

A Slab of Glass

Youtuber Christopher Lawley and I sit down every other week to discuss the iPad, iOS, and how you can make your iPad work for you.

Getting Caught Up

Getting Caught Up is a biweekly podcast with Mike Rapin and myself: two friends who have strong passions for tech, getting stuff done, podcasting, comic books, and more. Join them every other week as they catch up with each other, chat about life, and discuss a specific topic in their purview.




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