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Projects actively being worked on.


The personal blog you are currently on, where I post mostly short blurbs and links to other websites. Topics aren’t limited but common themes include Apple, tech, productivity, journalism, and pop culture.


Past projects in order of most recent to least recent.


Clicked was a newsletter I sent out, it included 5 or more interesting, fun, weird, riveting things on the internet.

Tablet Habit

Tablet Habit was a blog turned newsletter about all things iPad, Apple productivity, and getting the most out of your Apple hardware. After multiple years off and on Tablet Habit was officially cancelled October 1st, 2021. You can read all the past posts over at Tablet Habit.

A Slab of Glass

A podcast where me and Christopher Lawley talk all things iPad and productivity. You can subscribe and find out more at Tablet Habit.

Getting Caught Up

A Podcast where Mike Rapin and I talked about a different topic every other week that one of us picked. We have talked about things like out writing workflows, where we want to travel, our home screens, and more.