Jeff Perry

@Gaby so I think I know how you did most of your theme for the blog but how did you do the menu with icons? I’m dying to know!

@greghiggins I’m looking to use it for both a web page, blog, and more. I also am using the instance on Mastodon. I paid for this service for a while so I want to start using it a lot!

@greghiggins yeah there’s this thing call diegetic note taking which is mainly hand writing and how writing something down with your hands helps you retain that information better.

I also write down stuff to help empty my brain with that information and have a tangible way to look at the problem.

@greghiggins @gr36 @chrisjwilson Field Notes has a saying on every video they make that says “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now” and I can’t think of a more perfect way to explain why I always carry a notebook.

@pgkr it worked! Thank you!

@gr36 how did you get the comments in your blog posts? Is this built in to a theme or did you have to make something for yourself?

@ChrisJWilson This is my number one struggle with Obsidian. It has so much to offer but organizing things isn't one of them.

@isaiah what do you mean RapidWeaver gave you the boot?

@manton wow! I love the new look on it!

@JohnPhilpin Did you need a paid subscription of Readwise and/or The Information to do this?

@amit okay awesome! I’m not sure what you mean by upgrade but let me know how I can gain access to this!

@ecschwarz Sorry I didn't get back to you until now. Yeah, I used to work production but I recently took a promotion to engineer! Anyway, election night went good for the most part. Still feel jetlagged after working 15 hours.

@Burk congrats!

@amit Is there an easy way to add a Mastodon icon to the header of my Paper theme? I am having a hard time finding anything in the theme to make this happen easily.

@manton is there any reason my test post blog posts are still showing on my blog? I deleted them the other day but they still show on my site but not my posts. @help

@humdrum I can’t watch right now what did I miss?

@rcrackley Thanks! This was accidentally posted because I didn’t have it in my Drafts folder but I appreciate the kind words!

@Gaby Ohhhhh, I did not know that. I will have to look at the documentation later.

@Gaby Okay, first off this is cool! Secondly, where should I start if I want to get into Hemispheric Views as a new listener?

@Gaby Thanks! I am not a huge fan of the truncated/excerpt aspect it has, but it has some things I like. I decided to just go with the Marfa theme for now and see if it works for me or not.

@Burk Thank you! I will take a look at it and see what looks good. Right now I just edited some of the CSS for the Marfa theme on my blog to change the colors and blockquotes. Not sure what else I should do with it yet or not but I will peruse Github later!

@burk What do you recommend someone do if they are looking to create/edit a theme?

I like how my website looks but I want to improve the top menu, add post tags icons like you have, and improve the reading experience.

Any ideas?

@maique I have moved things to now. You should be able to load things there.

@sod I made some changes to the color for more contrast as well as padding.

@teisam Das ist ein sehr schönes Foto