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In episode 25 of Getting Caught Up Mike and I talk a lot about task managers and getting things right when it comes to keeping tasks together. Jeff explains his checkered past with nearly every task manager out there, and he lets fate decide what app he uses next. Also, Spotify is talked about briefly at the end of the episode.

Greg had me on the podcast recently and I came to some realizations during our conversation about my inability to continue with projects. I love this podcast and it was a pleasure to be a guest on it.

Also, Greg managed to edit this is record time. We recorded the episode Sunday and he posted it the following Tuesday. Insane!

Chris and I talk about our new purchases before diving into our main topic: what iOS 13 needs. We each had 6, okay 10-12, picks and we go into detail of our picks.

This episode was recorded literally the day before the 9to5mac leaks were released, so some of our things on our lists have been mentioned on this list but it in no way was a factor in picking the things we think iOS needs.

I may create a page where you can see both of our picks if people want to documented in writing.

I am really excited about this episode. It is full of feelings on my recent hiatus, how I dealt with it, and what changes I have made for Rocket Panda. Mike and I also get into the weeds about independent blogs/podcasts which is something I love to talk about, but as Mike explains can be sort of dangerous. Finally, I show Mike some of my favorite resources to learn and get acquainted with Siri Shortcuts.